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Suite 203, No.2 Plaza, No.1 Garden, 4th St. Shang Di, Haidian Dist. Beijing, P. R. China 100085

Company Profile

      ADI China Technologies Corp. of Beijing(refered to ACTC. Hereafter)., located in Zhongguancun high-tech zone,Beijing, a company engaged in instrumentation and control systems integration sales, consultation, field services  and manufacturing. ACTC  engineers based on their 10 years on site services experiences of water cut meters, adoptted the phase sensitive principle, developed an advanced multi curve water cut meter –AD series water in oil analyzer.  
     AD-3 moisture analyzer, is a full range ( 0-100% ), on-line water in oil analyzer, using phase-sensitive technique, combined with the unique dual channel measurement, multiplecurves  calibration and various types  of the probe, for light oil, heavy oil, coal tar, residual oil, asphalt , high wax crude oil and other complex fluids, AD series meter  can give the corresponding solutions.

Our Mission:


  Reliable, advanced products        


  Knowledgeable, professional staff


  Long term, cost effective provider.

AD water cut
AD water cut
AD water cut
AD water cut
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